Armenian Food, delicious and diverse

Armenian food is the staple cuisine that is cooked in Armenia as well as the Armenian Diaspora.  Armenian food ideas or cuisine is a delicious mix of diverse international cooking styles.  Under Ottoman rule, the Armenians were granted considerable autonomy within their own enclaves and lived in relative harmony with other groups in the empire (including the ruling Turks).

People are proud of their national cuisine.  The cooking styles include the Mediterranean cuisine, Caucasus cuisine, Middle East cuisine, Eastern Europe cuisine, and the Balkan cuisine.  Armenian food has a lot of elements that might already be familiar to many from other Ottoman cuisine.

The appetizers in Armenian cuisine give a hint to the eater on what to expect for the remaining dishes to be served.  If you are curious about one of the world’s most ancient cultures, or are contemplating a trip to Armenia, don’t miss the chance to taste some Armenian dishes.  These foods from the Mediterranean region are exciting, flavorful, and easy to make.

Armenian recipes are as varied as their regions and dialects.  Barbecue or grilled meat, stuffed pastries, and steamed vegetables are usually served as the main course in Armenian cuisine.  Fish, diverse types of meats and numerous sorts of fruits and vegetables, combined with also a great number of condiments, lead to the uniqueness of the Armenian cuisine, both in taste and in look.

The end result is a wonderful and delicious array of recipes, mostly stuffed and spicy delicacies, for the consumption of the Armenian people.

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